Overdue Books and Printer  / Laminator charges

Painswick Community Library

Paying for library services

Most of our services are free but there are some things we charge for. Our charges are the same as those made by Gloucestershire County Council Libraries.

Late Return

We charge for overdue items. If you are under 18 years and have borrowed the item on your own library card you do not have to pay a fine for an overdue book for the first week. Items borrowed on an adult’s card incur the full adult fee. 



Under 18s

Books:  first week

25p per day

No charge

Books:  subsequent week or part week

£1 per week

10p per week


Audio book

£1.50 per 3 weeks

£1.50 per 3 weeks


Reservation Charges

You can reserve items on the County catalogue free of charge using the County Library Online catalogue. Reservations can also be made at the Library Issue desk but this service costs £1.

There is also a loan request service for borrowing books from out-of-county libraries which are not available from Gloucestershire library stock. The charge for this service is £4.00 including a £1 administration fee. I

Printing and Photocopying

Computers are free to use but printing or photocopying will be charged at the following rates. Double sided (duplex) printing/photocopying is available.



A4 size  70p per sheet

Lost or Damaged items

There is a charge for lost or damaged items. Please see separate sheet  at the Library for details. No charge is made for lost or damaged children’s board books.